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Is Your Website Leaving Money On The Table?

Is Your Website Leaving Money On The Table?

You have many options to develop websites nowadays, and while even a small business start-up can quickly establish a web presence, not all websites produced are equally effective for producing ROI. Developing content and creating a website can be challenging. You need to tell your visitors the story about who you are and what you offer, which prompts them to acquire your service or products. However, sites typically are often confusing, frustrating, and normally inefficient in driving profits.

Guiding your visitors on a path to becoming customers is much easier when you develop your site to be a funnel. A funnel, in marketing terms, is an approach that motivates prospective consumers to move through the process of becoming aware, gaining interest, and ultimately prompting an action to be taken. This action can be buying or even just signing up for a weekly newsletter. You should have a clear plan about what actions you desire viewers to take while visiting your website.

This will help you decide what kind of story to share about your business.

What are the attributes of a properly designed funnel website?

Has A Clear Story

Your funnel site should optimally be a single page and tell a crystal-clear story. You don't want to confuse your visitors. Inform your audiences about who you are, what you offer, and what you want to achieve while they are visiting your website. This is your call to action, and it is a crucial part of the story you want your prospective customers to see and relate to.

Utilizes Simple Navigation

Navigation must be natural and intuitive. There should be no confusion about how to navigate the website. Scrolling must be user-friendly and any action should take the fewest variety of clicks possible. Enable the flow of the site to naturally lead the users towards the calls to action.

Is Mobile-Friendly/Mobile-First

Approximately 60% of website users are accessing websites through a mobile device, and that number continues to grow. Failure to design a site that provides a good experience on mobile devices is just like leaving earnings on the table. Approximately 50% of consumers suggested that a bad mobile website experience would make them much less most likely to purchase from that business. This is half of your prospective customers online and should not be overlooked.

Offers Tracking and Analytics

There are several tools available to track website views, like Google Analytics. With these tools, you can analyze which parts of your website are most popular, as well as content that could be improved. You can likewise find out a good deal about the visitors to your site, which will help you understand which of your visitors are likely to convert, and which ones are not.

This can help you to enhance your marketing message to those groups.

Clear Calls to Action

A funnel website is intended to welcome audiences to take an action, and to do that, you should have calls to action in a variety of locations. It is insufficient to just start or end your website with a call to action. You must have them strategically put in 6-10 places throughout the site, and they can be static or a pop-up. However, they need to be planned so that they do not trigger confusion. Do not ask visitors to register for e-mails and next to that to set an appointment. Too many action requests in one area might cause them to not take any action at all. The calls to action should be clear, always encouraging the viewer to take the next action in the purchasing process.

Make an Irresistible Offer

Finally, you must make a clear and tempting offer. These are lead magnets and can be greatly reliable in driving new revenue. Place the offer in a large open spot on the site or as a pop-up and refer to it in your calls to action.

It's time to get serious about driving new business with your site! By designing your website to be a single-page funnel that is created to convert, you can stop leaving earnings on the table and start transforming site visitors into customers or clients.

Prepared to get going?  Call 630-528-1217 today to see what we can do for you or visit our site to learn more about our proven strategies.

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