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Better Contact Form Conversions In 4 Ways

Better Contact Form Conversions In 4 Ways

Many businesses have reviews on public review sites, and this helps them to attract new business. In fact, sharing social proof is simply referral marketing 2.0 

But what if a business wants to use that valuable conversion asset to increase conversions on their own website? What if they want something more effective than a testimonials page? 

The problem is that testimonial pages are not as effective as they used to be, since they only receive about 11% of the traffic to an average website. How can this low traffic barrier be overcome? By upgrading the technology used on the website to show off positive reviews and capture new leads. 

The good news is that this does not involve a complete overhaul of the website. The right technology will give the user what they want in a way that is appealing to them. Here are a few principles to keep in mind. 

Holding The Visitor’s Attention 

On average, 96% of local business website visitors leave and do not come back.

That will depress the website ROI, since the majority of people searching for a service will first search online and visit a company’s website before contacting them. Avoiding an upwards 95% opportunity and investment loss involves grabbing as much attention as possible to gain new leads and customers. 

So how does a business leverage the power of positive public reviews to grab every visitor's attention? By combining two ordinary website elements in a new strategy and technology that turns your website into your brand ambassador. And it works on any website. 

Focus the User Contact Experience

 Adding contact forms to a website is easy, but local businesses quickly learn how important it is to give their users more than a form. Provide a contact experience that increases their trust and helps users gain confidence that they have found what they’ve been searching for, that the business can provide what they want, that’s the biggest challenge.

The contact form can do so much more than take messages. When combined strategically, it becomes a magnet compelling users to take action and contact the business.

Add Current Verified Social Proof

Give web visitors an incentive to fill out the contact form. Giving them added reasons to trust a business helps them stay on site and consume more persuasive content. Incentives might include special offers or discounts.

One of the strongest incentives that should be offered is current verified social proof. How? A contact form baked into social proof is a very strong conversion mechanism. Capture them at the moment they’re ready to ask a question or ready to buy.

Market Your Best Asset On Your Website

Managing an asset help preserve it. Marketing an asset helps it grow. Likewise, managing a conversion asset such as great reviews will simply protect them from the degradations of aging and negative reviews.

Amplify their value by marketing them in strategic areas of your website. Strategic meaning where every eyeball on site will always see them and combining that strategy with a flexible contact option. Keeping current five star reviews and a contact option floating unobtrusively in front of them while they browse combines the incentive of social proof with a contact invitation and form.

Like an ambassador for your brand, this new technology welcomes every single visitor to your website in a dynamic floating combination: 

1) Streaming social proof that tells the story of your business from the eyes of your customers' perspectives and builds trust. 

2) A contact experience that compels action.

To sum up, focus your users' contact experience on building trust, add strong incentives to the contact options offered, and market (do more than display) your best conversion asset – five star reviews - to see more hot leads from your website.

With a well-planned strategy, your business will provide online users an experience that makes them want to interact and options to make it easy for them. Upgrading the technology on your website can capture more visitors and improve lead conversion.

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